Race Car Theme Party

Landen turns 16!

I chose a Race Car theme for our youngest son’s 16th birthday because he loves cars and was now legal driving age.

The party favors were individual packages of his favorite cookie tied with a personalized thank you note created from his driver’s license. I replaced his personal information with a note of thanks. For the children attending the party, I had a goody bag with a hot wheel and some bubbles.

Race Car Theme Party Pit Stop

Race Car Theme Party Pit Stop included a tire look alike inflatable pool toy and orange safety cones as accessories for the snack buffet. “Spare Tires” were small chocolate donuts.

Race Car Theme Party Pit Stop

“Dip Sticks” were pretzel sticks. The “FILL ‘ER UP” buckets are for the pretzels. Red was our accent color for plates, napkins, and decor. The race car finish line flag checkered napkins were also used for accents.

Race Car Theme Party Pit Stop

Traffic light brownies were created with mini M&Ms and brownies. The brownies were cut into rectangles and M&Ms centered on the top of the brownies.

Race Car Theme Party Fuel Up

“Fuel Up” was the drink station. I kept it simple with lemonade, water, and red solo cups with the black & white straws.

“Pin the HUBCAP on the car” was an activity for the children attending the party.

The traffic light was created with black, red, yellow, and green balloons. I made the “Landen 16” signs from a “Route 66” road sign template using my Cameo Silhouette.

Landen’s Race Car Theme Party for his 16th birthday was a success. It may have been his last themed birthday party. I am going to have to change that. I hope some of these ideas are helpful for you. Party planning and entertaining is my love. It is easy to be overwhelmed with all of the idea available on the internet today. Remember to keep it simple and enjoy your guest.

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