40 half marathons in 1 year

Mom runs 40 half marathons in 2014!


I am a mother of two adult boys. Throughout the years, I have learned the right way to discipline, budget, and manage a household while raising respectful, independent, young men. I refuse to be a statistic by keeping high standards for my boys, and try my hardest to teach them that the price they pay now for their mistakes is much less than what they will pay in our modern-day society as adults. I strive to set a proper example for them in a simultaneous system of stern and loving instruction, which includes reminding them daily that they are champions.


Running has been a part of my life off and on since I ran cross-country in high school.  That sparked a wish: one where everyone would challenge themselves and enter the process of training and completing a marathon, because the person you become in enduring the journey is astounding.


I can proudly say that I have completed one full marathon, forty-seven half marathons, and several 5Ks, 10Ks, and 15Ks.  In eight days, I ran three half marathons in three states which qualifies me as a Half Fanatic and, in five days, ran five half marathons in five states in September 2015, which improved my status. Out of this myriad of races, my favorite would have to be the San Francisco half marathon over the Golden Gate Bridge with my dear friends in June 2013.

Training and completing my first full marathon changed my life, giving me an entirely new understanding of the concepts of perseverance, determination, and commitment, which I have used to improve other aspects of my life. I understand running is not for everyone; however, it’s my therapy that has improved my physical, mental, and emotional being. I cherish the friendships I have established through running – influential ones that have offered me so much support along the way.

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