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Effortless Party Planning Guide

Click here for your free Effortless Party Planning Guide to create fun parties for all guest.

The objective of Effortless Party Planning Guide is to create an unforgettable party for all guests. The small details create the “ahh” factor among your guests, but don’t stress yourself out trying to do too much. The idea is for you to enjoy yourself and Pinterest has so many great ideas. Too many things can cause you stress and break the budget.

  • Print out Effortless Party Planning Guide & begin brainstorming to complete each section.
  • The What, When, Where, Who, & Why will begin to shape out all of the details of the party.
    • “What” What are you celebrating?
    • “When” When is the party?
    • “Where” Where is the party?
    • “Who” Who are you celebrating? You won’t always have a “Who.”
    • “Why” Why are you celebrating?

Budget– Budget is important. The little things will add up fast; so, it is important to have a proposed budget broken into categories as a target for your spending for the party. I have found party items at great prices on Facebook Marketplace or I have repurposed items.

Guest List-Include friends & family that are most important.

Theme– all parties must have a theme. The theme will define the decorations. Themes can be based on the season, holiday, or personal interest. Decorations are often defined by the theme.

Menu– The time of your party, your guest list, theme, and budget are deciding factors for your menu. Whether you serve a five course meal or just appetizers, consider allergies and special diets of your guests.

Drinks– Will you serve a full bar or just offer tea & water? When planning your party, there are so many decisions to consider. Which ever you chose is going to be great.

Entertainment varies based on type of party or occasion. I always have an activity/ ice breaker as guest to arrive to help with that “awkward” feeling since some guests may not know each other. When preparing the entertainment, take into consideration your guests.

A unique surprise creating a “shock factor” will ensure an unforgettable party.

I look forward to hearing about the success of your future parties.

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